Poetry is Emotion.

Only an ember remains.

Happy Pills

One night I’ll pop a few more than I need
And slowly smile as I slip into an enternal dream
And I’ll hope to never wake to see my mother weep
Because all I want and wish is to


Tonight’s the night

When I close my eyes tonight
Let them never open again
To see the light of the sun
Or to see the trees dance in the breeze

When I close my eyes tonight
Let my body never breathe again
So I will no longer feel the pain of living
Or the warm embrace of a loved one

When I close my eyes tonight
Let death reap my soul
And allow my torment to end
So peace can finally arrive at my door

We are one

Anger festers my mind like a disease with no cure
I eat, drink and sleep anger to the point that it’s going out of style

Anger is my lifestyle and it won’t change
I can see anger at my wedding under the white veil

Anger is my angel on the right shoulder while passion is the devil on the left
I can feel anger pumping through my veins because it is my life giver

Anger is me in every way possible 
I am anger and we are one

I want out

I want out of this city
this life makes me angry
Furious to the extent
That hell doesn’t know what pain is

I want out of this body
My bones are hot with anger
And my soul is shattering like glass
Each piece slicing away at my skin like a razors edge

I want out of reality 
and to slip away into an eternal slumber
Where the re-occurrence of running into you
Is a most definite zero

I want out of this anger
It boils my blood and turns my eyes red
I can’t control my feelings or anything for that matter
You ruined me

I want out of you
If I could meet you
I would yell until I was out of breath
And continue to yell until the lack of breath causes me to die.  

All Smiles with Sound

From cheek to cheek
Those pearly whites
Shining in the sun

It’s accompanied with laughter
Sometimes just a giggle
Other times
An uncontrollable urge

Irresistible to do
Without a swell of happiness 

I love it
It’s my favourite part
Of being human

Waiting between moments

Today was the last day
It was fun seeing them
Even though, it was just a moment
In time and space
I will remember it
For the rest of my time 

Where do I go from here?
I’m not sure
The feelings I have
Are weird
I’m sad
Yet, relieved  

I guess,
For now anyway,
I will stay caught
Between moments
and slowly slide between time
and wait

For something
I’ll just wait
Being alone won’t be bad
I hope 

Interesting Realization

I wonder, what it would be like to slip away?
To be forgotten?
To not be missed?
To wonder Earth aimlessly?

But I’ve realized
I already am.
And it’s an interesting realization.
To find out you’re alone.

You have nothing to hold you back.
And nothing to push you forward.
You sort of just..

Caught between frivolous exchanges
And passing moments
It’s interesting

I can’t tell if I’m sad
Or delusional
Probably both.
No matter

Being caught in this
Isn’t too bad
At least, for now, anyway.

I tried

I tried to write a happy poem
But nothing logical would appear
I tried to make words
From the letters I spilled onto paper
But in the end it was nonsense and absurd

I tried to write a happy poem
But the paper was wet with tears
And everything I tried to convey
Just seemed fake and bitter
Like sun on a cold winter’s day

I tried to write a happy poem
But to be honest
I’m not happy, at all
Happiness is always flying away  
So it’s hard to capture it without taking a fall 


Frustration and Fear
Loathing and Lust
Hatred and Hardship
Whenever it comes to Love

Peace and Pain
Warmth and War
Smiles and Sadness
Whenever it comes to Her

Madness and Melodies
Despair and Delight
Confusing and Calming
Whenever is comes to Us.  

Another tired fool

I have an obsessed hatred
and I have really tried to let it go
but it was impossible
because women are just too cold

I’ve tried to figure it out
and I still don’t know why
maybe it’s because I am,
as they say, “Just another ignorant guy.”

But you have to understand!
I really did try
I know an asshole hurt you
But why do you have to be a bitch, then, to every other guy? 

Okay, Okay, I get it
It takes time to heal a wound
But every girl I’ve met is a bitch
So they were all hurt too?

This could have been prevented
If you could recognize who’s a douche
I don’t get why being treated like dirt
Seems to attract girls like you

You know, I think I’ll just give up
On the enigma that is “women” 
You really aren’t worth
My time, feelings, or words.  

What is my deepest fear?

What is my deepest fear?
I have none.
That is a lie. 
How would you know?
I know you better than you can possibly begin to understand. 
You don’t know the first thing about me..

I know that you restrain yourself from getting close to anyone

So when people begin to get attached

You Run.

I don’t run..
I forgot..
That’s right, I am no coward..
You Fly.

To places so far and high

That you’re almost touching the stars

But mortality brings you back to Earth

How lonely you must be..
I’m not lonely
All alone in the sky
I am not lonely. 
Watching us play… laugh… love…
I’m not lonely… 

Why can’t I smile?
I smile all the time..
That’s a lie.
Then what is it I do?
You cry..
I never cry..

That smile is stained with sadness

A smile that is full of lies

A smile that slowly flies away, without anyone

A smile that is afraid..

Why am I afraid?
Because instinct tells you to flee..
From what?
From pain..
What pain?
Of people hurting you.. 

What is my deepest fear?

Being alone..


That Guy

I’m the type who will make you smile and blush
I’m the type who will grant your every wish and never ask for anything
I’m the type who will act too nice for your friends to believe
I’m the type who will run.

I’m the type who will stay up late texting you and wait for you to sleep first
I’m the type who will listen to your every word and tell you what you need to hear
I’m the type who will be your shoulder to cry on when you have no one
I’m the type who will run.

I’m the type who will avoid kissing you as if his life depended on it
I’m the type who will avoid holding you close and never offer a reason why
I’m the type who will always smile and never hold another emotion
I’m the type who wants that special someone.

But I’m the type who will always run.

Satan Reincarnate

His eyes hold the wisdom of a snake.
His heart is the prison for the devil.
His soul is the eternal black hole.
He can’t be stopped.

His anger fuels the fires of hell.
His hatred creates disease and plagues.
His passion kills kings in their sleep.
He can’t be stopped.

His thirst is quenched with the blood of the fallen.
His hunger is calmed by the souls of the suffering.
His fatigue is quelled by the tears of the opressed.
I will never stop.

The Believer

Some days he’ll look up to the sky
And wonder why man wishes to travel so high
He’s happy down here on the cool grassy field
All that’s up there is darkness and void

Some days he’ll look at his fellow man 
And wonder why they want more than they already have
A simplistic life puts a smile on his face
The more money you have, the more you’ll want to take

Some days he’ll look at the cities around
And wonder why we’re destroying nature to make ourselves proud
Sitting by the beach and feeling the wind in your hair 
He doesn’t understand the appeal of their concrete lairs 

Some days they’ll look at him confused
And wonder why he can’t do what the rest of them do
Go through life day after day
And slowly kill your hope that things will change 


An Idiot’s Dream

I’m cocky, selfish, and an ignorant fool
I’ll wear a pathetic smile to hide my feelings from you
I’m killing my emotions one day at a time
But at nights, I can’t help but cry myself to sleep
And mull over how much I hate this life.

My only wish is to escape
For I am too much of a coward to take my life away
But I have to be strong for my parents sake
I have no friends who would ever keep my shadows at bay
So I’ll wear that smile and crawl through life slowly

It seems as if death has a sense of humour
He first likes to watch his victims suffer
And as their fire slowly begins to wither
He’ll make their life worse and begin to giggle
But I’ll continue to put on that smile
while hoping, each day, for my death to come quicker